The benefits of wool

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Wool is a breathable super fibre that is fire-retardant and mould-resistant, with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. A natural temperature regulator that stays warm and cool as required all year round, which is why it’s use in clothing dates back approximately 10,000 years. A truly sustainable naturally renewable alternative to the mass-produced synthetic fibres with limited usage. 

Natures Fleece Woollen Products photo 02

When it comes to clothing children, Nature’s Fleece products will hold your little one’s body heat while allowing the skin to breathe, and the moisture-wicking property of our wool will also prevent sweating. Body heat mostly escapes through the feet and head, where our extended Nature’s Fleece children’s garment range will focus. As a textile, wool is also flexible yet durable enough to provide support for baby’s feet when walking or crawling, the perfect material for little booties.