About Us

Premium natural products designed for children and made with love

Nature’s Fleece was born the same way parents have always provided for their new-borns – from a desire to clothe children the warmest and most comfortable way possible.

When Viv was pregnant with Leon, his grandparents Dave and Jackie were inspired to rekindle their love for woollen children’s products, which they had previously produced and exported years before when their son Mike was a baby.

Nature’s Fleece HQ is made up of three generations of our family and close friends Jacs and Andy who all collaborate as a group on new ideas and product development. Our local sewing team craft each product from their homes in Auckland and have more than 50 years’ combined experience in creating handmade woollen products for young ones.

Taking Mother Nature as our inspiration, we set about building on her handiwork by finding new uses for natural materials that exist right in front of us. When it came to comfort and warmth, New Zealand lamb’s wool was our natural first choice.



With fibres that are 20% of the diameter of human hair, this superfine wool is soft, breathable, temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and free from irritation that some wool can cause.

Our premium wool booties and rugs are classic pieces that could be found in homes the world over. They are 100% New Zealand-made with a focus on functionality, innovative design and environmental sustainability, all of which is extremely important to us.

As we extend our future range, we will do so carefully and organically, and warmly welcome you to be a part of this journey.

Jackie & Dave, Viv & Mike, Jacs & Andy.